Spotlight: Meet Veronika, our Executive Assistant

Spotlight: Meet Veronika, our Executive Assistant

In our third Spotlight interview of 2022, we sat down with Veronika to learn about her transition to the company and her role as an Executive Assistant.

You are not long with our company, and I know you have come from the book industry. How was it for you to transfer to a distributed IT company? 

The change was huge. In my previous job, I worked with art-based and creative people. So, to find myself in a distributed IT company and working with data scientists was surreal. At first, I was a bit worried if I would be able to keep up with the change and all the online tools I was not used to before. But now I love it and even manage my family things in those tools. Planning week sprints was also a big and very welcomed surprise. Each of us plans our work for one week – a manageable amount due to the priority of the tasks. I got used to this one very fast 😊

You are an Executive Assistant in datasapiens; can you tell us what you do most of your time?

My job as an executive assistant in this company has two main parts. The first one is the routine—tasks which I do regularly. For example, I keep files and archives in order, handle receipts, invoices, and suppliers, or maintain the office. The second one is the fun. Tasks which I enjoy the most. I plan team events and take care of our websites. I help to onboard new teammates or research new possibilities for anything needed.  

What is it you like about your job the most?  

Apart from my daily routine, I never know what my job will be the following week. Every Monday, I learn what is necessary for me to do that week. I have been with datasapiens for half a year now, yet there is always something new on Monday. I also like the possibility of widening my knowledge very much. When I realize I need something I have never done before or do not know well enough, there is always great support from my boss to get some training. And then there are team events.  

You seem excited about those team events. 

I am. I love planning it, and I have realized that I can enjoy it very much with this team. The last team event was in the Austrian Alps with skiing, wellness, and of course the Iceberg.  And the next one is going to be in Sicily with the sea, bikes and hiking the Etna volcano. When designing the events, I try to keep them in a chilling mode and yet exciting. So, we refresh our minds, relax our bodies, and enjoy the fun together. 

You are a single mother of two kids. How does that align with your work as an executive assistant?  

It would be impossible for me to work in a similar position and have small kids a few years ago. The related stress would be enormous. But now, in this company, it’s natural, fluent, and without any negative stress.  

How do you explain such a turnover?  

It is a summary of a few aspects: 

  • It is about people. I now work with people who are on a high professional level. They are clear on what they expect me to do and are helpful in any situation. 
  • As the company is more and more distributed, the demand for sitting in the office is small. So when my kids need me, I may work from home; when the kids have school holidays, I may work from the cottage. 
  • Because of COVID, many more things are possible to do and solve online. 

These aspects give me the necessary flexibility to handle my own family and my job—all in quite a peaceful manner. For example, I had recently had time to read a few books 😊

It seems like a dream job you have there. 

I must admit it is close to that definition for me.