Spotlight: Meet David, our Application Development Lead

Spotlight: Meet David, our Application Development Lead

In our second Spotlight interview of the year 2022, we sat down with David to learn about his role in the company and his expectations for the upcoming years.

Would you please describe your role in the company?

My task as an Application Development Lead is to maintain and enhance our application. I am designing new features to make our platform smarter, faster, and sexier, as well as making sure our deployments are as seamless as possible. Last but not least I am identifying and fixing bugs as those pesky things somehow always find a way in.

Of course, this would be impossible on my own, so I’m very happy for the wonderful, albeit small, team that I can truly rely on. Right now, is our biggest challenge to make sure that our application is snappy and responsive even with the fast-increasing number of users and more complex features being implemented all the time.

How did covid affect the company and your role in it?

Surprisingly, I don’t think covid affected our business that much. On a personal level, I missed the daily interactions in the office but I feel we managed to transition to remote work very fast and without any major issues. I think it was due to the fact that part of the company was already in this mode even before COVID hit. Having colleagues based in different countries has its benefits 😊

Now, after covid, do you feel that your work routine is returning to what it was before covid?

I am happy that people are returning to the office, it’s more fun and I also feel information flows more easily in person. One can sometimes learn useful things in “watercooler” conversations and everyday interactions that otherwise wouldn’t come through.

Are there any habits you have taken on in the pandemic that you want to keep now after covid times?

I don’t think it would be proper to go to non-remote meetings in pajamas 😊 There were some habits I hoped to take on, like regular exercise, but sadly I failed. On the other hand, my home meals were healthier than what I usually order when eating out. This one would be quite difficult for me to keep.

What is it in your life that you are currently looking forward to?

As every year, I’m looking forward to Christmas and all the presents I will receive 😊 But seriously, I’m about to become a father, which is both exciting and scary. With the due date in two months, we are busy preparing everything for when our baby daughter moves from the internal kicking and punching practice phase to the external “I sleep all the time and hardly ever cry” phase 😊

Where do you wish to see yourself in like ten years?

I usually don’t plan that far in advance. It never works out anyway 😊 Since I’m quite happy with my life, I don’t intend to change much. So, I see myself more or less in the same place, just with older and more kids. The current plan is two, we will see how that works out since twins run in both mine and my wife’s family 😊 And of course, datasapiens will be bigger and even more successful than it is today 😊