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It helps you to manage the loyalty lifecycle of your customers. We introduce a simple plan-do-review process to continuously measure and improve.


  • We create with you a CRM plan to deliver on the objectives of your program. We help you to integrate your CRM plan into the wider business.


  • We make it easy for you to define the group of customers to receive the communication. We assist you in creating relevant offers for them. We allow you to A/B test different scenarios.


  • We help you to understand the performance of your campaigns. We use a combination of agreed customer and financial metrics. We apply these learnings to shape and develop your CRM plan.

Key functions and features


  • We create meaningful segments of your customers. These segments allow you to treat your customers individually.


  • We allow you to use these algorithms and segmentations to set up campaigns in minutes. You can do this through our intuitive visual targeting engine.


  • We use control groups to measure and improve your campaigns. We tell you how to improve your business through your customers.

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