Spotlight: Meet Michal, our Client Solutions Lead

Spotlight: Meet Michal, our Client Solutions Lead

In our first spotlight interview article, we sat down with Michal Čepek to find out more about his role at datasapiens, how he stays ahead and what brings him joy.

How does a day in the life of a Client Solutions Lead look?

Very diverse 😊 Similarly to other teams within datasapiens, we also plan our weekly sprints but due to our work’s nature, there is usually a lot of unplanned and urgent client-related things to do. 

Together with my colleagues from the Client solutions team, we serve as a bridge between our technical teams and our clients. Since we have clients in Asia, the first thing in the morning is to check and follow up on client requests and questions that filled my inbox and Teams from the early morning. 
Then during the day, I tend to block some deep-work hours in which I focus on the key tasks for the given week. It ranges from creating training materials or shooting product videos to developing new products and sales activities. 

You have relocated to Estonia. What effect did the move have on your work and family life?

Yes, correct, we decided to temporarily move to another country with my wife and kids. So far, it has been awesome – exploring a new country with completely different nature and people – we do not regret our decision at all. 

I have to say that workwise, I don’t see much difference. datasapiens has always been a remote-friendly company with colleagues living and working in other countries. Our company culture enables remote and asynchronous work, so it is not a problem to move where it makes you happy. Staying abroad and going to a co-working space actually gives me new energy and I am grateful that we can live our lives to the fullest – especially amidst the current worldwide pandemic. 

How do you manage your professional self-development and keep in touch with “what’s new” in the field?

Tough question. I try to stay ahead by signing up to various industry-related newsletters, reading websites and magazines, attending webinars. A lot of self-development is also connected to everyday work – the fact that I work with very bright people from different fields pushes me to understand more the technical side of things. Having said that, I need to admit that there is still a long way to go till I at least start to understand some of the magic my colleagues do 😊

How do you find balance between work, family and manage to dedicate time to yourself?

I believe that finding balance between these three aspects of life is a key to happiness. 
Sometimes it’s hard – especially with two little kids & not having any babysitting since we live far from our families. 
But I consciously try to spend appropriate time at work, with my family and also doing things that recharge me – both physically (sports) and mentally (reading, learning, spending time with friends). 

One tip for the readers: In the past couple of years, I realized that mornings are best for some “me” time. Few times a week, I wake up early and go for a bike ride or a badminton/tennis match. I come back home full of energy and at the right time for breakfast with my family. And I still manage to start working at the same time as everyone else.

You are a family man; what values would you like to pass onto your children?

You haven’t thought of any easy questions, have you? 😊  
Now, our everyday goal is to keep everyone alive & fed and when these two basic needs are met, we are trying to teach our girls good manners. If they grow to be half as kind, generous and optimistic about the world as my wife, I will be a happy man.

What brings you joy? 

Simple things. First and foremost, my family, discovering new places, having good time with people around me, cycling & seeing Rafa Nadal win 😊